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Complete AoIP Broadcast Ecosystems

Audio mixing consoles/surfaces. IP routing and control. Audio processors. Digital editing tools.

Wheatstone's products and studio systems are designed and built specifically for the demands of broadcasting. They cover a range from smaller single-station studios to large multi-studio, multi-station complexes with a million cross-points and dozens of mixers, talent stations, and elements connected across a region. Broadcast grade AoIP software, devices, consoles, talent stations, and appliances, all engineered, manufactured and supported by your number one industry partner.


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Since introducing our Layers Software Suite, we’ve learned a great deal more about data centers and servers as an extension of the AoIP studio … and about gamers being able to play video games through Amazon data centers without even touching an Xbox console. Our Technology Manager Dominic Giambo explains in the following excerpt taken from a recent interview with Radio World.


Who's Who on Top Tech


Congrats to Sinclair’s Del Parks, iHeartMedia’s Jeff Littlejohn, Beasley’s Mike Cooney, Townsquare’s Scott Schatz, Hubbard’s Dave Kolesar, Bonneville’s Jason Ornellas, Cumulus’ Conrad Trautmann, Education Media Foundation’s Shane Toven, Capitol Broadcasting’s Pete Sockett, and all our friends and technology partners who made the Radio + Television Business Report list of Broadcast Media’s Top Tech Leaders. What an incredible engineering community! Jeff Littlejohn spoke for all of us at Wheatstone when he was asked by RBR+TVBR what he considers to be his greatest achievement in the last year at iHeartMedia: “I’ve been working with a team to reimagine the traditional broadcast studio, making it into a flexible workspace that can be dynamically reconfigured and rebranded. This dynamic concept allows any studio to serve any purpose for any station, creating redundancy and efficiency. Congratulations, all!


Studios and Monkey Wrenches


The clock was already ticking on August 17, 2021, when New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown, throwing yet another monkey wrench into a large studio project for the New Zealand arm of Australian broadcaster Sports Entertainment Network (SEN). Could we help? Not long after, Bradley Bacon, who joined SEN New Zealand as the Auckland-based senior engineer just one month before the project started, had everything he needed for a complete WheatNet-IP networked facility.



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Mix, route and trigger elements, functions or events anywhere on any device. 

Home or studio. Phone or console surface. Single location or multiple locations. WheatNet-IP touches everything.

Simplify your operation. 

WheatNet-IP is the only AoIP combining logic control with routable audio tools such as utility mixers, audio processing, streaming encoders and embedded CPU as part of the AoIP native environment.

Eliminate racks and rooms of hardware. 

Everything from mic processing to streaming appliances and automation integration is in one native AoIP environment.

Combine regional studios in one AoIP environment

Opus and AAC codecs as part of the AoIP let you share studio resources and talent across a WAN. AES67 compliance and NMOS support give you access outside the network.

Easy setup. 

Unbox and let WheatNet-IP Blades do the rest. Each Blade is self-aware and self-configuring. No IP addressing required. Save your engineering resources for more important tasks.

Your Studio. Your Way. 

Console surfaces, talent stations and unlimited virtual interfaces to choose from. Customize your AoIP system for your studios now, and add on appliances, elements, and virtualization later.

No Studio Too Small. No Studio Too Big.

AoIP Expand

Go from analog to AoIP in a snap. IP audio networking and mixing console in one, Ethernet switch included. Just add CAT6 cable (actually, we include that too...)

AoIP Expand

Complete IP audio networked studios, from initial planning and custom manufacturing to final commissioning and everything in between. 

AoIP Expand

AoIP anywhere, anytime, any device. Just plug in and you're good to go. Local, regional or global. Tablet, phone or existing mixing desk. 

AoIP Expand

Connect regional operations or add virtual studios at any time, anywhere. Practically unlimited user interfaces, configurations, and third-party add-ons. 

View the WheatNet-IP AoIP Ecosystem Diagram

What Can Wheatstone Do For You?


Total Remote Access

Wheatstone has software and hardware solutions that allow you remote access and control over everything and everyone in your system from anywhere. 


Virtual Tools

WheatNet-IP offers a full set of virtual control, processing, and communication tools with which you can tailor your workflow. 


Engineering Services

When planning your studio, your Wheatstone Sales Engineer can help you plot it all out to the smallest detail. 


Build Your System

While we source parts from around the world, everything we make is built in our US factory in the town where we live, and parts for almost everything we’ve ever built are readily available.

Join the Wheatstone Network

Manufacturing, engineering and end-to-end studio support backed by the industry's leading AoIP supplier in the broadcast industry with thousands of studios in operation around the globe.

Did we mention Emmy-award-winning? In 2020, Wheatstone won an Emmy for “development of synchronized multichannel uncompressed audio transport over IP networks" which led to the implementation of the AES67 standard.

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